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Sumptuous beds in striking volumes, interplays of artfully hung mirrors and elegant wooden shelves combine in the Fendi Casa bedroom to create a stylish, modern haven. Designed to deliver elevated form and functionality, the effect is one of consummate luxury and understated sophistication.
DELANO DRESSED_0008_1500x1685_Fendi Casa

Delano Dressed



A majestic design, the Delano Dressed bed features a new version with integrated side tables. Metal tubular details and a commanding headboard create a perfect balance of shapes and textures.

Totu Bed, A bed with a striped rug and a round ottoperson, , the minimal design and elegant proportions of this piece emphasize Toan Nguyen's expressive rationality in a mix of white and brown with yellow cushioning, Fendi Casa contempo (4)


bed designed by Toan Nguyen

TOTU BED_0005_1500x2250_Fendi Casa

New element of the Totu bed project, the minimal design and elegant proportions of this piece emphasize Toan Nguyen's expressive rationality, while FF-embellished details express the spirit of the Fendi Maison.

Clouds bed _ Fendi Casa


bed Designed by Chiara Andreatti

Clouds bed Fendi Casa high end design furniture

With its perfect balance of volumes and a padded frame and headboard, creating a feeling of serenity and protection, the Clouds bed lives up to its name.

Delano bed _ Fendi Casa



Delano Bed 1500x2250 Fendi Casa

A grand, eye-catching piece, the Delano bed is characterised by a headboard covered in precious bouclé. The wooden structure and padded details create a fascinating interplay of form and function.

Landscape bed _ Fendi Casa


bed Designed by Marcel Wanders

Landscape bed Fendi Casa high end design furniture

The Landscape bed is defined by its eye-catching inlaid headboard. The patchwork of different materials, spanning from shaved mink to wood, pays homage to the Maison's artisanal and experimental heritage.

AURA bedsidetable 2000x19


bedside table

AURA_bedside table Fendi Casa _ 1500x2250px

The Aura bedside table is a contemporary piece that pares perfectly with essential bed designs. Elegant and refined, its use of contrasting steel and wood elements expresses a sophisticated allure.




BLURRED_AMBER_0005_1500x2250_Fendi Casa

In a virtuous play of lights and shadows, the Blurred console symbolises the creative genius of Maison Fendi. Glass overlays and shaded effects define this stunning piece that won't fail to impress.

BOTTINI jelly side table red marble

Bottini Jelly

side table

Bottini jelly _ low table_ (30)_1500x2250_Fendi Casa

The Bottini jelly coffee table stuns with its stylistic balance and impeccable proportions. Resin and lacquered finishes create a materic contrast capable of elegantly furnishing the living area and bedroom.

Maglia_ bedside table_ (14)_1500x1685_Fendi Casa


Bedside Table Designed by Atelier Oï

Maglia_ bedside table_ (3)_1500x2250_Fendi Casa

Designed by Atelier Oï, the Maglia bedside table demonstrates a perfect balance of solid and empty spaces. Leather details capture the spirit of contemporary living.

O_Lock Vanity, a makeup table with a chair in a room with a window, Expressing Old World allure, the O_Lock Vanity bedroom dressing table features flexuous and minimal lines, Fendi Casa contemporary design furniture_(2)

O'Lock Vanity


OLOCK_VANITY_0025_1500x2250_Fendi Casa

Expressing Old World allure, the O'Lock Vanity bedroom dressing table features flexuous and minimal lines – a secret of whispered femininity.

S'MORES_ ottoman_1500x1685_Fendi Casa



S'mores ottomans Fendi Casa high end design furniture

A delight to the body and the eye, the essential aesthetics of the S'Mores ottoman express the harmony between functionality and minimalism. Ideal for every room of the house as a stand-alone piece or paired to a comfortable sofa.

TIRETTO_bedside table_0019_2000x1964_design furniture_Fendi Casa


bedside table

TIRETTO_bedside table_0002_1500x2250_Fendi Casa

Aesthetically impactful, the Loop project stands out for its clean lines and interplay of different structural elements. The result is a functional and contemporary bedside table.

TIRETTO_LIVING_0033_1500x1685_Fendi Casa



TIRETTO_LIVING_0007_1500x2250_Fendi Casa

Refined and contemporary, the Tiretto project showcases pure lines and a fusion of different structural elements. The refined, modern silhouettes conceives impactful design elements.

Living Blossom2000x1964 px_


Screen Designed by Atelier Oï


Conceived by Atelier Oï, the Blossom screen showcases an intricate system of mirrors and wooden shelves. The metal structure instantly evokes the arches of Fendi's Roman headquarters.

DSC_4150_c (2)

Bottini Marble

Side table


Shiny marble and polished wood: the Bottini side table is a study in proportions and aesthetics. The materic contrast and timeless colourways feel effortlessly at one with any living or sleeping space.

DSC_3581_h_V2_d (2)


Daybed Designed by Dimorestudio

Roma daybed Fendi Casa high end design furniture

The Roma daybed by Dimorestudio is a revisited version of the iconic daybed designed for the Fendi Palazzo Privè in Rome, Italy. A tribute to the artisanal excellence and creative flair of the Maison.



Daybed Designed by Toan Nguyen

Sandia daybed Fendi Casa high end design furniture

Sinuous lines, sapiently combined with impactful tactile effects: the Sandia daybed exudes a comforting and protective mood. A captivating and timeless piece that elevates the sleeping space.



Daybed Designed by Toan Nguyen

FENDI Casa_Soho Sofa Ottoman Chaise Longue_09_Toan Nguyen

The Soho collection has been enlarged to include a daybed featuring the line's distinctive volumes. It's detailed with leather trims, raw-cut stitching and metal buckles that nod to Fendi's sartorial signatures.

Living Vanitoso 2000x1964 px_


lady desk Designed by Atelier Oï


Channeling a note of sinuous femininity, the Vanitoso lady desk by Atelier Oï features an arch-inspired silhouette. The structure is defined by Fendi's signature mix of materials, including marble, metal, wood and leather.