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Sofas & Seating Systems

A family of audaciously modern sofas upholstered in fabrics of the highest quality, each piece brings a sensation of effortless lightness and style to a space. Iconic details and finishes add a unique touch to corner sofas and modular seating in a collection that oozes timeless elegance.

Blow up

seating system designed by Controvento

BLOWUP_SOFA_0003_1500x2250_Fendi Casa

The playful spirit of Fendi comes alive in the Blow Up sofa by Controvento. Infinite design solutions for a modular sofa with soft shapes and generous volumes, adaptable to any environment.

PEEKASIT  SOFA_0026_1500x1685_Fendi Casa


sofa designed by Controvento

PEEKASIT SOFA_0004_1500x2250_Fendi Casa

Inspired by the famous Fendi Peekaboo Bag, the Peekasit seating project by Controvento is defined by a soft, welcoming structure, exemplifying the deep and powerful bond between luxury fashion and design.

TAIKO PELLE_0023_1500x1685_Fendi Casa


seating system designed by Piero Lissoni

TAIKO PELLE_0040_1500x2250_Fendi Casa

Designed by Piero Lissoni, the Taiko sofa is at home in various possible landscapes. Movement and lightness suggest a comfortable style, while the stylistic details recall the distinctive craftsmanship of the Maison.

Parsifal Round blue sofa Fendi Casa

Parsifal round

Sofa designed by Thierry Lemaire

Parsifal round blue Sofa Fendi Casa high end design furniture

Designed by Thierry Lemaire, the round Parsifal sofa catches the eye with its Pequin-striped armrests that create a frame for the structural elements, and a trompe l’œil effect that is a nod to Fendi’s renowned sartorial elegance.

Totu sofa system Fendi Casa



Totu Sofa with chaise longue Fendi Casa high end design furniture

Totu is a linear sofa with a minimal design and elegant proportions that showcase Toan Nguyen’s expressive rationalist approach. Finishing details with the FF logo channel the spirit of the Maison.

Welcome sofa Fendi Casa


Sofa designed by Chiara Andreatti

Welcome red Sofa Fendi Casa high end design furniture

Welcome! by Chiara Andreatti is a rounded, inviting sofa in elegant Pequin bouclé, showcasing the artisanal mastery and experimental approach of Fendi.

DSC_2666_f_V2 (2)



Five, front Sofa Fendi Casa high end design furniture

The Five sofa stands out for its elegant essentiality. The modular seats are juxtaposed with integrated marble coffee tables, creating a charming play on textures and colour effects.

Fun Fendi A _ Fendi Casa

Fun Fendi

Sofa designed by Atelier Oï

Fun Fendi Sofa Fendi Casa high end design furniture

Expressing one of the most iconic elements of Fendi's aesthetic - the concept of playfulness - Atelier Oï creates the new Fendi Fun modular sofa. The padding peeping out from behind the upholstery creates an iconic Peekaboo effect.

DSC_1033_d (2)

Gran pliè

Sofa designed by Thierry Lemaire

Gran Plie Sofa Fendi Casa high end design furniture

The Gran Pliè sofa combines sculptural shapes with an overall sense of lightness. The luxurious velvet and bouclé seating system is supported by the skilfully crafted metallic structure that evokes the elegance of ballet moves.

DSC_1477_f (2)


Sofa designed by Thierry Lemaire

Parsifal green Sofa Fendi Casa high end design furniture

The Parsifal sofa, conceived by Thierry Lemaire, is characterised by its special armrests decorated with Pequin stripes - one of Fendi's DNA motifs. The stripes frame the structural elements with a trompe-l’oeil effect.

DSC_1954_d_V2_s (2)


Sofa designed by Toan Nguyen

Sandia Sofa _ Fendi Casa high end design furniture

This modular sofa by Toan Nguyen features an original design based on the use of organic, curved, almost feminine lines that create a sense of comforting protection while exuding an edgy, sophisticated vibe.

DSC_1772_f (2)


Sofa designed by Toan Nguyen

Soho Sofa  _ Fendi Casa high end design furniture

The Soho sofa, a re-edition of Toan Nguyen's original design, is offered in a new three-seat version. The single hard back structure matches with the softness of the seat cushions, while leather trims and metal accents nod to Fendi's sartorial codes.