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A collection of modern designer beds, defined by stunning volumes and a relaxing atmosphere. Natural tones and soft textures in bouclé combine with the luxurious elegance of inlaid headboards for a refined and welcoming bedroom haven.
DELANO_0039_1500x1685_Fendi Casa

Delano Dressed


DELANO DRESSED_0032_1500x2250_Fendi Casa

A majestic design, the Delano Dressed bed features a new version with integrated side tables. Metal tubular details and a commanding headboard create a perfect balance of shapes and textures.

TOTU BED_0013_1500x1685_Fendi Casa


bed designed by Toan Nguyen

TOTU BED_0005_1500x2250_Fendi Casa

New element of the Totu bed project, the minimal design and elegant proportions of this piece emphasize Toan Nguyen's expressive rationality, while FF-embellished details express the spirit of the Fendi Maison.

Clouds bed _ Fendi Casa


bed Designed by Chiara Andreatti

Clouds bed Fendi Casa high end design furniture

With its perfect balance of volumes and a padded frame and headboard, creating a feeling of serenity and protection, the Clouds bed lives up to its name.

Delano bed _ Fendi Casa



Delano Bed 1500x2250 Fendi Casa

A grand, eye-catching piece, the Delano bed is characterised by a headboard covered in precious bouclé. The wooden structure and padded details create a fascinating interplay of form and function.

Landscape bed _ Fendi Casa


bed Designed by Marcel Wanders

Landscape bed Fendi Casa high end design furniture

The Landscape bed is defined by its eye-catching inlaid headboard. The patchwork of different materials, spanning from shaved mink to wood, pays homage to the Maison's artisanal and experimental heritage.