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Interior design services

Fendi Casa provides interior design service for exclusive projects tailored to the needs of each customer, both private and professional: villas, apartments, private yachts and planes, prestigious residential complexes.

Timeless modernity


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Rooted in a tradition of savoir-faire, craftsmanship and innovation, Fendi Casa embodies the essence of a sophisticated yet contemporary cultured home. With the attention to the exclusive concepts of living, material mastery of a long tradition of excellence, Fendi Casa offers a complete range of designs crafted with the highest level of expertise and symbolic of the Italian taste. A full range of offerings, that combine the Made-in-Italy tradition with design experimentation. 

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Contract projects

Fendi Casa collaborates with developers, international designers and architectural firms to develop furnishing projects distinguished by outstanding quality and perfection. A high-profile sartorial service which combines the highest Fendi savoir-faire with an ongoing quest for specific turnkey interior solutions. 

Fendi Casa defines new concepts of living, highlighting an elegant and contemporary lifestyle also in the contract sector. A highly-skilled team which coordinates the entire design process, from the initial idea to logistics, supporting services and impeccable final execution. A work method refined in years of experience enhanced by the best Made in Italy tradition.

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