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Atelier Oï

furniture designer

For thirty years, atelier oï has been committed to promoting experimentation and cultural exchange through a transdisciplinary and holistic approach. Its name comes from the word "troïka", which means "triplet" in Russian. The studio was established in 1991 in La Neuveville, Switzerland, out of the professional and emotional bond between the architects and designers Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond. The three founders share a strong interest in nature: their projects range from architecture to interior design, from product design to set design, with highly crafted solutions having a strong emotional impact.

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“Inspiration from nature and the transformation of materials are part of our DNA and play a key role in the way we work. Material is the cornerstone of our development process: for Fendi we have chosen authentic, high-quality raw materials such as marble, leather, metal, wood, glass and fabric. Our goal is to continue to express and shape the legacy of Fendi by applying craftsmanship to transpose the values of the Maison into a variety of new objects.”

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