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H Chiara Andreatti _ portrait_

Chiara Andreatti

furniture designer

After graduating in Industrial Design from the IED in Milan and receiving a master's degree at the Domus Academy, Chiara Andreatti, a young Italian talent, worked in major design studios, including Lissoni Associati, with which she collaborated for ten years, designing for well-known Italian and international companies. In 2018, Fendi Casa approached her, choosing her to celebrate the brand's tenth anniversary at DesignMiami/ with the Welcome! Project. Her style is elegant and understated, drawing on the codes found in nature, transforming them with inflections and individuality.

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Divano Sandia Chiara Andreatti

“Nature is central to my design and my daily life; it helps to preserve the connection with our origins and to bring rhythm to our time. I wanted to create a dialogue in this collection between a natural, zoomorphic language made of pure materials and soft shapes - bamboo, stone and solid wood reimagined as inlays on surfaces – contrasted with more precise, rational lines.”

Chiara Andreatti_prodotto

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