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Piero Lissoni©Veronica Gaido_2019

Piero Lissoni

furniture designer

Piero Lissoni is considered one of the masters of modern-day design. An architect, designer and art director with an eclectic personality, he has been involved in international architectural, interior, product and graphic design projects in his Milan and New York offices for over thirty years. A life devoted to creativity, which has led him to design all kinds of objects, from buildings to yachts, from sofas to coffee makers, in his distinctive, simple and yet slightly anarchic style. His approach - well known and appreciated all over the world - mixes precision and freedom of expression, culture and irony, study and intuition.

FENDI Casa_Ohe coffee table_design Piero Lissoni mob
FENDI Casa_Ohe coffee table_design Piero Lissoni

“Bamboo has always been a dominant theme in the outdoor world, from Art Nouveau to the present day. I basically salvaged a material that was perfect for making these things and reused it, in the most responsible way possible, approaching it with a more contemporary standard of design.”

FENDI Casa_chair_design Piero Lissoni mob