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Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Surprising contrasts of material, bold geometric shapes and intriguing patterns in marble and satin-finished metal are the defining themes of the Fendi Casa collection of side tables and coffee tables. Bamboo tops, inlaid stone and luxurious leather elements create an arresting interplay. These striking tables are destined to become focal points of your living room.
TOTU_Coffee table_0044_Fendi Casa


coffee table designed by Toan Nguyen

TOTU_Coffee table_0028_1500x2250_Fendi Casa

The Totu project by Toan Nguyen is updated with new design pieces: a dining table defined by generous volumes, and a geometric-shape coffee table. Metallic FF-logo details lend a signature Fendi touch.

BOTTINI jelly side table red marble

Bottini Jelly

side table

Bottini jelly _ low table_ (30)_1500x2250_Fendi Casa

The Bottini jelly coffee table stuns with its stylistic balance and impeccable proportions. Resin and lacquered finishes create a materic contrast capable of elegantly furnishing the living area and bedroom.

OBLO_0023_1500x1685_Fendi Casa


side table

OBLO_0003_1500x2250_Fendi Casa

Oblò is a collection of coffee tables characterised by a sophisticated simplicity. Versatile and adaptable according to need, they combine an avant-garde aesthetic with classic iconography from Fendi's heritage motifs.

SUMO_ (44)_2000x1964_design furniture_Fendi Casa


side table

SUMO_27_1500x2250_Fendi Casa

The Sumo coffee table is the ultimate expression of compositional rationality and pure craftsmanship. A unique, avant-garde piece defined by materic contrasts and a strong personality.

Collection Living 1 2000x1964 px_

Astuccio Canes

Coffee table designed by Chiara Andreatti

Astuccio canes coffee table Fendi Casa high end design furniture

Curved and organic lines define the shape of the Astuccio Canes table, crafted from rare large bamboo canes. The understated charm of this natural element, combined with a gold-tone metal structure, makes for a sophisticated tactile mix.

DSC_4150_c (2)

Bottini Marble

Side table


Shiny marble and polished wood: the Bottini side table is a study in proportions and aesthetics. The materic contrast and timeless colourways feel effortlessly at one with any living or sleeping space.

DSC_3950_b (2)


Coffee table Designed by Cristina Celestino


Inspired by Fendi's signature artisanal heritage, the Earring side table pays homage to femininity and timeless elegance. Metal and marble meet in a refined juxtaposition of textures and tones.

Efo _ Fendi Casa


coffee table designed by Peter Mabeo

Efo coffee table Fendi Casa high end design furniture

The Efo coffee table is part of the artistic collaboration between Fendi and Peter Mabeo, comprising pieces that combine traditional Botswanan artisanal techniques with a luxury fashion aesthetic.

FENDI Casa_Menhir Coffee Table_02_Chiara Andreatti



Menhir coffee table Fendi Casa high end design furniture

The Menhir side table captures the gaze with its natural centrality. Designer Chiara Andreatti has created a striking piece that makes a statement through clean geometric lines.



coffee table Designed by Toan Nguyen

Marrakesh trio coffee table with tray Fendi Casa high end design furniture

Harmonious shapes and tactile contrasts define the Marrakesh line, designed by Toan Nguyen. The side tables in different circumferences and heights enrich the living space and give continuity to the interiors.

Metropolis coffee table _ Fendi Casa


coffee table Designed by Atelier Oï

Metropolis coffee table Fendi Casa high end design furniture

Designed by Atelier Oï, the Metropolis coffee table takes inspiration from Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana’s signature facade. The oxidised metallic base meets a rhythmic sequence of arches topped with iridescent glass.

Ribbon coffee table _ Fendi Casa


coffee table Designed by Atelier Oï

Ribbon coffee table Fendi Casa high end design furniture

Ribbon, by Atelier Oï, brings together versatile elements in a flexible modular design. With padded seating and a natural stone top, it serves as both a pouf and low table.

DSC_1058_f (2)


coffee table Designed by Toan Nguyen

Tarsia coffee table trio Fendi Casa high end design furniture

The Tarsia table is designed by Toan Nguyen using marble as the only material. The aesthetic balance and bold volumes of the piece are enhanced by essential, graceful geometries.