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The home of Xavier Corberó, one of Spain's most celebrated sculptors, offers a kaleidoscopic and instantly identifiable setting in keeping with the atmosphere of the Fendi Casa collections. Centered around an iconic code of the Roman Maison – the arch – the building is located in Esplugues de Llobregat, just outside Barcelona.

Whether it’s sculptures, building, or spaces, the outcome of what I do has to be poetry, which I believe is the measure of all things
Xavier Corberó

The arches frame the sky. Light falls on the objects, illuminating them with a shimmering glow. Everywhere, the excitement is palpable, because here a home is «a place in which the mental space – not the real one – is what matters». This is how the artist Xavier Corberó describes the house on the outskirts of Barcelona, conceived from his imagination and built up, one piece at a time over decades, to encompass his entire creative universe. In this veritable kaleidoscope of rooms, amidst sculptures and surrealist vistas, the furnishings of the Fendi Casa Collection find their ideal habitat, in an evocative setting that includes the arch - the Maison's expressive code - as its chosen idiom. Poetic architecture that transcends the imagination, and yet is still a home. 

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Fendi Moods

Four diverse moods inspire the latest Fendi Casa range of designs, imbuing the living space with a unique attitude and signature elegance. The moods explore a constant creative dialogue, ranging from welcoming and ultimately cosy environments to outdoors installations that celebrate nature; from cutting-edge sartorial sophistication to modern interpretations of the house's artisanal heritage.

The Family Couch

F stands for Family. Fendi celebrates the joys of a warm, welcoming domestic environment with The Fendi Couch installation. Infused with reassuring refinement and a timeless bourgeois vibe, it exudes ultimate coziness, highlighted by the use of serene natural and soft tones, paired with more vibrant accents – expression of Fendi’s playful and unapologetic spirit. Sophisticated understatement defines these areas, which are conceived as ideal sets for both intimate family moments and friendly social gatherings. 

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The Vibrant Soul

Designed to impress, The Vibrant Soul installation makes a luxury statement. Impactful and scenic, it conveys a slick yet always warm elegance. Lines get super precise, volumes are bold. Combining a sort of mannish sartorial sophistication with more feminine enveloping shapes, it reflects the quintessential duality of Fendi’s most authentic aesthetics. Rich colours add extra refinement to these precious set-ups, addressing demanding consumers that embrace an unapologetic attitude towards home decors. 

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The Crafting Mood

Fendi’s signature upscale artisanal heritage is celebrated in The Crafting Mood installation. Sinuous shapes are skillfully combined with tactile materials into exclusive pieces that are designed to steal the spotlight. Striking colour accents are matched with neutral tones in a charming balance between edgy boldness and timeless elegance. Inspired by Fendi’s iconic leatherworking skills, special details, including exquisite stitching, complete the luxurious design.

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The Outdoor

Mother Nature inspires the mood and design of “The Outdoor,” the installation dedicated to the Bamboo collection conceived to decorate terraces and gardens. Calming, relaxing colours are combined with natural materials that are revisited with a very Italian, sophisticated filter for timeless pieces, where ultimate chicness coexists with a peaceful, relaxed vibe. Showcasing Fendi’s experimental and creative approach, “The Outdoor” seduces with special artisanal details and elegant material matches.

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